Friday, January 21, 2011


This sketch was my very first sketch.  I traced the arms, neck and face from a book I got for Christmas, called Fashion Illustration Techniques, by Maite LaFuente.  It shows a bunch of pictures of different techniques on how to draw and illustrate fashion designs.  The dress in this sketch is supposed to be black, along with the hat, while the feathers on the hat are emerald green. 

This look was inspired by the 1960's and 70's.  I saw a picture of Yoko Ono wearing some very chic white boots not unlike these while coming off a plane with John Lennon.  They looked really good, and so I decided to incorporate some similar boots into the outfit this model, also traced from Fashion Illustration Techniques, is wearing.

This dress is very simple, inspired by a black and white movie that I used to watch with my dad when I was little.  I don't remember the name of the movie, but this dress always left a lasting impression in my head, and so I figured that I might as well draw it, so I can remember it forever!  The shape of the dress is what I specifically remember, and the pattern was extra that I just threw in.

This dress was the first dress that I had designed, but a later entire sketch of a model.  I traced the face and arm positions from the book used in previous sketches. This dress was originally meant to be a pale ivory color, with the lace ripples a deep red. The cigarette, I have little excuse for.  I recently watched the movie A Hard Day's Night for the three-thousandth time, in which they portray smoking as glamorous.  I know that it actually isn't, but it seemed more an accessory with this dress than anything. 

I don't have much to say about this sketch, it isn't really one of my absolute favorites, and there was no real inspiration.  However, it wasn't a total blow-up, so I decided to put it on as well.  There is a bow on the back where the top band is, that you can't see, because it's a front view... obviously! 

I really like this sketch.  The fur shawl was more of the focal point, more so than the dress anyway.  The fur is red fox fur, cut and sewn in layers as to give some rippling and extra 3-D effect.  The bow would most likely be satin or silk, in either navy blue or black. 
This is my absolute favorite sketch.  It was the second one I drew, and yes, the body was traced from LaFuente's book.  The cape also is similar to one shown in the book, however the sleeves are different-- in the book they fall between more of a bell sleeve and a bracelet sleeve, while mine are more of a bishop sleeve.  The dress and cape would most likely be in the same shade, probably a pale blue. 


This design was inspired by my friend Aisling, who always wears like, ponchos and stuff, and somehow makes it look incredibly nonchalant and good. The designs around the edge look sort of like roses, but they're paisley.  I guess roses would look okay too, but I thought paisley would be a better choice here.  

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